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Customised party dress was made keeping in mind the theme of the party -Cocomelon and most importantly comfort of the child !

Silver Sequin fabric and satin is used for the torso that is neatly finished and lined with cotton .The neckline is finished with soft satin piping to prevent irritation around the neck.

The logo right in the center was handpainted by our trained  artists with love and care

Keeping in mind the clients requirement the logo was kept small and cute with only a sublte reference .

Sink satin  layered with a glittery net is  used for the flare .Keeping in mind the theme of the party main colours Red and green are taken to highlight the outfit .2 layers of laces , one a glittery christmas green lace and 2nd a watermelon printed red colour lace was sewn on the hem to give cocomelon party vibes .

The sleeves were kept short  with a single tuck on the shoulder

The outfit is finished with a with a glittery green bow at the center  and a glittery green lace running around the waist line .

We also made a detachable sequin bow at at the back bellow the zipper that can be conviniently attached and removed while wearing and remiving thde garment .

*This is a customised party dress .We made this dress according to client specifications.This can be used as an referance for making unique designs for your child ! *


Cocomelon Themed Party Dress

    • Product information

      Type - Frocks
      Fabric - Soft satin ,Silver Sequin fabric,Glitter Net ,Cotton
      Sleeve- Cap sleeve
      Neck - round

      Back Zip

      Party theme -Cocomelon Cartoon

Size chart (2).jpeg
Size chart 2.jpeg
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